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The Culture Of Mobile App Developers In Toronto

The technological knowledge of consumers has grown, and digital innovation has accelerated, leading to a sharp improvement in app quality. Toronto’s top mobile app developers have taken note and are utilizing a number of trends to keep one step ahead of their users.

Toronto-based mobile app developers have learned that in order to alter the mobile experience and keep consumers coming back, they must use the newest and most effective techniques. Three strategies are being used to do this by forward-thinking app developers.

The change from simple apps to mobile experiences is the first trend. The second involves transitioning from basic data-awareness features to intelligent, data-driven, adaptive apps. Lastly, monolithic apps that “do everything” should be replaced by lightweight, specialized apps.

Let’s look at 5 apps that Toronto app developers created specifically for residents of Toronto.


All mobile devices can download the free SafeTTC app, which enables users to record issues while using the transport system by including photographs and descriptions. This alerts transit control more quickly than it otherwise would.

The TTC created this app to assist users in reporting instances of harassment as part of its push for increased safety on its buses and at its stops. This makes it possible for users to stay in close proximity to TTC employees and reduces the use of social media, which can lead to shaming other users and TTC employees for their occasionally poor, but possibly legal, behaviours.


Have difficulties deciding what you should wear in the morning at the last minute? Mylo is an app that makes suggestions based on the weather and other circumstances to save you from frantically searching through your closet when deciding what to wear.

If it’s pouring outside, the app will give you advice from its integrated menswear store to help you decide what to wear. The one-touch shopping experience allows for simple, quick purchases and offers a clean layout with the best basics available.


We are all experienced with the dreadful process of entering passwords that are at least six characters long and contain a number, a letter, and a symbol. Additionally, we frequently lose track of all of our accounts. We use so many different accounts on a daily basis that using the same password for all of them or changing it each time we log in makes a mess.

makers of the smartphone app 1Password Toronto created software that gathers all security information from any device in one location, making it simple to find the most crucial data. In addition to safeguarding notes, credit cards, and identities, 1Password stores login information.

CityTV Mobile

The City TV app allows users to follow their favourite TV shows by notifying them when new episodes are available. Users may get the newest shows from Canada and the US thanks to the user-friendly UI. It includes interviews, webisodes, and entire episodes of TV shows.


The coffee from Tim Horton’s is a Canadian passion. Users of the TimmyMe app can use it to locate the nearest Tim Hortons location. This is beneficial while visiting Canadian cities that tourists are unfamiliar with. Additionally, there is a notepad to record a friend’s order, and each location includes information like its address, phone number, and drive-thru hours.

What to Do When You Have an App Idea.

Google is the greatest place to start. You might be surprised to hear that a lot of people with outstanding ideas don’t research the market and the competitors.  

To determine whether the market is competitive, start by visiting the App Store, Google Play Store, Yahoo, and Bing. You will be able to determine whether you stand a chance in the market thanks to this. You can identify how to position yourself and stand out from the competition once you have a better understanding of what is already available.

Try to accomplish it for free before beginning to develop software that would cost up to tens of thousands of dollars. In this manner, you can determine whether you can confirm whether it’s a decent concept. If your concept is to make an app that finds all cafés with WiFi, for instance, you should start by tracking down all the places yourself, entering them into a spreadsheet, posting them to social media and on the map, and then building a free or inexpensive website and app to see if you can gain traction. Determine whether or not people would be interested in this.

There is a chance you may get funded if there is interest and signups since you would be able to show investors some data and tell them, “Hey, my idea is working!”

Once you have a project that is getting traction and has some funding, you need to decide what the essential aspects of your product should be. Determine how to build these features within your available budget. The last thing you want is to develop a product that is overpriced and that nobody uses. Reduce your financial waste as much as you can.

You may use these insights and the feedback you receive by creating a beta version, releasing it, and learning from it. Then you can begin the process of creating your app. This has been the strategy used by the well-known apps that are currently available. Based on customer input, these start-ups constantly introduce updates and additions to improve their product.

Starting small when creating a mobile app is the best piece of advice for you. Make use of Google to conduct research. To make sure you are investing in something you are passionate about and something that has demand, it is imperative to conduct preliminary research.

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